BookReleased August 2010

Serendipity is Lorie's first all-original Music Book since Heart & Soul and features 14 brand new songs, each with a very personal story. Songs in the new Music Book include: Serendipity, When I Think Of You, My Muddy Man, The Cows, Weeping Willow, Casa Blanca Me Encanta, The Road I Love, Mother Earth, Lake Minnetonka, Promise, I Do, J-A-X-O-N, How Can It Be?, In My Arms, and Remember Me.



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If you do not see the song listed, it is not available as a download due to licensing requirements. The song is however, available in the Music Book.

1 Serendipity $5.99
2 When I Think Of You $5.99
3 My Muddy Man $5.99
4 The Cows $5.99
5 Weeping Willow $5.99
6 Casa Blanca Me Encanta $5.99
7 The Road I Love $5.99
8 Mother Earth $5.99
9 Lake Minnetonka $5.99
10 Promise, I Do $5.99
11 J-A-X-O-N $5.99
12 How Can It Be? $5.99
13 In My Arms $5.99
14 Remember Me $5.99

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The Heritage Collection, Volume Eight


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