BookReleased August 2018

No Worries is a pop project that includes 14 songs (2nd edition August/2020) including Stay With Me (Sam Smith); A Thousand Years (Christina Perry); All Of Me (John Legend); Never Enough (from The Greatest Showman); Perfect (Ed Sheeran); I Can Only Imagine (MercyMe); Fight Song (Rachel Platten); Million Reasons (Lady Gaga); Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen); Game Of Thrones (from HBO's Game Of Thrones); Hello (Adele); Call The Midwife (Main Theme from PBS's Call The Midwife); How Far I'll Go (from Disney's Moana); New Year's Day (Taylor Swift).



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1 Stay With Me (Sam Smith) $5.99
2 A Thousand Years (Christina Perry) $5.99
3 All Of Me (John Legend) $5.99
4 Never Enough $5.99
5 Perfect (Ed Sheeran) $5.99
6 I Can Only Imagine $5.99
7 Fight Song (Rachel Platten) $5.99
8 Million Reasons (Lady Gaga) $5.99
9 Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen) $5.99
10 Game Of Thrones $5.99
11 Hello $5.99
12 Call The Midwife (Main Theme From PBS's Call The Midwife) $5.99
13 How Far I'll Go (From Disney's Moana) $5.99
14 New Year's Day $5.99

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