2016 Holiday Tour

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  • The Dream Team
  • The one and only Bell Meister
  • The Bell Meister making sure Lorie Line is on key, which of course she is
  • We've been transported to the roarin' 20s
  • Shake those bells everyone!
  • Break it down Ethan
  • The band about to bow after Lorie's lead
  • Lorie's solo medley
  • Closing the evening out singing Silent Night
  • Come on side A, sing Jingle Bells at the top of your lungs!
  • Lorie filling the room with Jingle Bells spirit
  • Lorie in her beautiful winter white costume
  • The bell meister keeping Jeff on track
  • Lorie captivating the audience with a story
  • An Old Hollywood sort of feeling
  • A little backstage fun as the drum-line stands at attention waiting to go in
  • Give it up for the Bell Meister, everyone!
  • Lorie taking everyone's medley requests
  • Lorie performing the mind-blowing medley
  • The dress that was a mix of naughty and nice
  • Lorie loving the crowd's enthusiasm!
  • Lorie in her closing black swan dress
  • Side B of the band posing happily during Jingle Bells
  • A Merry Little Christmas was had
  • Santa and Lorie Line saying goodnight to the crowd
  • Mr. Lorie Line introducing Lorie Line
  • Get those bells out everyone, the Bell Meister is about to take you on a journey
  • The Bell Meister and his extravagant hat
  • The Bell Meister keeping Brian on track
  • Brian hit those high notes perfectly
  • Lorie bathed in beautiful light
  • Picture perfect
  • Lorie even shares her bench with the Bell Meister
  • One of those ivory tickling moments
  • Lorie's got a little swing in her step
  • The toy soldier drum-line perfectly in step
  • Lorie telling her story of finding cellist Randall
  • A sober moment during one of the songs
  • Merilee, the oboist, beautifully capturing the audience with her sound
  • The woodwind section bringing the magic!

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