The Living Room Series Group Photo

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  • Friday, June 3rd - 1st ever Living Room Series! What a great night!
  • June 4 - The rain made us get a bit creative with tonight's group photo and with such a sharply dressed group it turned out beautifully!! Thank you for the lovely night everyone!
  • Sunday, June 5th - A gorgeous night spent with a beautiful group! What a joy you were to have, thank you for sharing the evening with us!!
  • Friday, June 10 - What a lovely and LIVELY group this was! We had so much fun with you tonight. Thank you for sharing your evening with us!!!
  • Saturday, June 11 - What a glorious evening. Beautiful music, green gardens and fantastic friends!
  • Sunday, June 12 - It was a beautiful group of SUPER FANS! Thank you for a SUPER evening!

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