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The Historic Temple Theatre
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Viroqua, WI
My two sister-in-laws and I attended the show last night in Appleton, Wisconsin. We normally go to the Weidner Center in Green Bay, but that date did not work for us this year. This is the 6th time we've seen Lorie's Christmas show. All three of us agreed it was the BEST Christmas show she has EVER put on. Liked the fact that she stuck with the Christmas theme throughout and also the religious overtones. And of course, the costumes were just spectacular! Kelly Smith was absolutely phenomenal!! We cried when she sand O Holy Night and The Lord's Prayer. The kids on stage in costumes was another just wonderful idea and so adorable. The Carol of the Bells was also spectacular. I could go on and on...just loved it. Can't wait for next year!!!
- Fran

Lorie On Tour
Fans always look at our itinerary and can't imagine how we do it! First of all, this tour moves quickly and efficiently because it is completely self-contained. We typically travel in a semi-truck and a sleeper coach bus, carrying all the lights, the stage set, sound equipment, all the props, the costumes and hats, even the floor, the draperies, my piano, plus the entire staff that works the show day-to-day.  We all travel together, most of the time getting on the road and heading to the next city, immediately following the show.  We sleep on the bus and travel all night, crawling into our own bunks somewhere around midnight.  Each morning (very early!) we wake up in the parking lot of the venue where we will off-load the trucks, typically around 9:00 a.m.  It's another day.  We're in a new city.  And believe it or not, we've had 8 hours of sleep and are ready to go.

During the day, the crew unloads a semi-truck (many times in the snow!), they set up the stage, hang all lights, set up  microphone channels, and unload my 1450-pound concert grand piano, all just in time for a sound check which takes place two hours before show time.

The management team at Lorie Line Music, Inc. begins making all the arrangements for  the holiday tour in January. For each city where we perform, we book the hall well in advance, create and place the advertising, coordinate the ticket sales, make all the travel arrangements, book the hotel rooms, and design a stage set that can be set up and taken down in merely hours, night after night. We hire the technical team, design each lighting cue, select all the sound equipment and microphones, create and print programs, assemble and hire the musicians, design and construct many one-of-a-kind costumes, choreograph all the dance movements with the choreographer, write the 
musical arrangements, print the charts and rehearse... all before we even get to perform the first show. It's an incredible undertaking, all managed and coordinated by a small 3-person army at Lorie Line Music, Inc. that operates now out of Lorie’s home.

Managing all the people and all the gear requires a good Tour Director. This is where my husband and Tour Director, Tim Line, really earns his keep. He knows where every good hotel, restaurant, and especially every good coffee shop is in every city where we tour. He takes care of everything and makes us laugh every day, both on and off the stage.

Touring with this group has really become a family affair. Many of us have toured and traveled together for many years.
It's something we look forward to every holiday season. It's tradition. Hopefully we'll get the opportunity to do if for many years to come.

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